Waist Training Benefits


An “Hourglass” Figure is what most women are perceived to expect when hearing about waist trainers. Beyond an hourglass figure there are many benefits to waist training such as:


  1. Improves Posture: Wearing a corset forces you to maintain good posture both while sitting and standing. The steel boning in the corset is rigid, and doesn’t allow for slouching.

  2. Improves Confidence: This definitely depends on your personality, but we hear from women all the time who have received an immediate confidence boost when they put on their corset and saw their waistline change.

  3. Weight Loss: If you wear your corset during meal times (as many full-time waist trainers do), you will find you cannot eat large portions of food. So yes, you can lose weight if you choose to corset for long periods of time (especially before and during meal times). That said, just wearing the corset won’t help you lose weight. 

  4. Support the Bust line: Corsets, especially over bust corsets help support the bust line. This can be a big benefit for women with larger breasts (even helping alleviate back pressure and pain).

  5. Some women who wear corsets for pain relief and support after back injuries. 

  6. Postpartum Waist Strengthening & Tightening: Many women waist train to more quickly return to their natural waist size after having a baby.