Revenge Booty Ebook by Shenese Case IFBB PRO

Revenge Booty Ebook by Shenese Case IFBB PRO

Wonder why all those hours spent on the treadmill or lifting weights aren’t getting you the results you want?


Revenge Booty by IFBB BIKINI PRO Shenese Case shows how to attain the body of your dreams with targeted strategies and techniques through proven nutrition and workouts that can be done in the gym or at home with or without equipment while gaining muscles and slimming down in those unwanted areas. 

This 12 week guide is meant to have your glutes on fire, your body to become tighter and firm, your energy to be lifted while growing your confidence to match the skin you’re in! 

Genetically it was difficult to gain weight and after 4 years of growth experience I have documented my journey to provide insight for what every women wants and that is a perfectly shaped booty and body of their dreams with a mindset to match


This effective and thorough 12 week Revenge Booty guide includes:

  • Pre and post cardio recommendations
  • 3 Training Modules done weekly(1 Glute focused, 1 Glute/ Hamstring, 1 Full Body)

Every 2 weeks the program changes and new techniques are added 

  • At home - No equipment workout
  • Core Routine
  • Routine Tracking Template for 12 weeks ( Tracking water, nutrition and workout) 

Because we obviously want to se progress after these 12 weeks, tracking and staying accountable is key!

  • Stretching
  • Glossary with how to perform exercises even if they are not listed in your program!

And so much more!


Whether you are a beginner or having been exercising for some time, Revenge Booty Guide makes it easy for you to get into a workout routine. This guide is a 12 week program, with every 2nd week the program changing to trick your muscles so pay attention! As the weeks progress, the program allows you to continue adapting — so you can avoid a fitness plateau.


My eBook is more than a Revenge Booty PDF. It is a complete training guide that can help you from creating a habit to a lifestyle change so you can feel confident in your Bikini Body


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